Phillis Wheatley the 1st African Poetess in the USA and me a Black African American woman Poet

I owe a debt of gratitude to Phillis Wheatley for starting the Black or African American tradition and for being the first important Black writer/Poet in the United States to publish a book of poems and a memoir. I have written memoirs too as well as poetry for adults and children. I created a book of children’s poems as a class final project with Lori M. for Poetry Workshop with Handal. I’m working on a poem I wrote for children I hope to turn into a children’s book.  Black or African American Poets owe Phillis Wheatley a debt of gratitude this includes the new and emerging Poets at Cave Canem like me.

My process journal is full! I have a blue composition book that acts as a 2nd process journal for my memoir Memories of Me

I’ve already written in a black and white marble composition book and filled it with journal entries for what will be my book length novella or memoir Memories of Me. I just got a blue marble composition notebook that I started to fill with one to a few page journal entries. I plan to fill it and not leave a blank page. I don’t know if I’ll end up with a seventy something page novella or a two hundred page memoir. Writing my novella or my memoir will take me a few years but I’m motivated to write it. Memoirfest is coming up at Dr. Edi Giunta and Dr. Josh Fausty’s home in Teaneck, NJ. Both Edi and her husband Josh Fausty were receptive to my memoir. I went to Memoirfest this past May 2015. December 2014 was my first time sharing at Memoirfest. I was taking Memoir Workshop with Edi at the time. I am really looking forward to going to Memoirfest in December. I will share a two page journal entry from my process journal.

Cave Canem Final Reading

I really did it! I took the train to New York City for the first time in ten years or more and I found my way on the train to Cave Canem. My mom helped me out by driving me down to Brooklyn for the first meeting of the workshop. I’m happy to say I took the train into New York City and with the help of nice people on the street I found the direction I should walk in. Once I did that I found my way to Cave Canem. I took the train to the Final Reading on Thursday night as well and I did not need to ask my mom. Everything worked out really well. Oh I’m so happy. I would take the train home with one of the women I met at the workshop each week. Her name is Rachell Morillo. She is Dominican and she shared a poem a few weeks ago that was really honest and deep. She would walk me to 34th Street Penn Station in the NJ Transit area and then she would walk toward the LIRR to travel home to Long Island.

Cave Canem Final Reading November 5, 2015

This is it. I will be reading two new poems at the Final reading tomorrow night. I loved taking this Fall 2015 workshop with Simone at Cave Canem.  I am bringing a deviled egg platter or shrimp egg rolls. We’re all supposed to bring something. I met other young women with similar interests (Poetry) at Cave Canem. I feel like I formed friendships if just at the workshop. I take the train home with Rachell Morillo, she knows how to get to New York Penn Station and we take the F train together and she walks me to the NJ Tranist area at Penn Station. Then she goes to the LIRR.

Final Reading

The Final Reading for the poetry workshop I took with Cave Canem is coming up on Thursday November 5, 2015. I am going to read three new poems at the Final Reading. I will have written five poems over the course of the workshop. We’re supposed to take a group picture all of us participants in Simone White’s Fall 2015 workshop. I am wearing a cute tank top, black pleather skirt, coffee colored tights and black wedge shoes. I am also wearing my contacts.

Last poetry workshop at Cave Canem before the Final Reading on 11/05/2015

Our workshop leader Simone White had childcare issues so she was an hour late to our poetry workshop. I arrived a half an hour early and kind of got settled in by the time everybody started flowing in. I did not get a chance to workshop my poem but I plan on reading it at the November 5th Final Reading in addition to two poems I will write using the Poetry Prompt from Simone. I am so happy I got into this poetry workshop. I really felt at home at Cave Canem! This is such a big deal for me. I feel accomplished and happy for myself.