My Mother and Myself a memoir

I was reading DeSalvo’s The Art of Slow Writing and I came across a reference to Kathryn Harrison’s The Mother Knot on page 8. I thought oh that’s an idea I can write my 4,000-5,000 memoir about my relationship with my mother Shellon Karim-Lewis. That is what I wish to accomplish by the end of this semester, my last semester in college. I like the idea of writing a memoir about my relationship with my mother. We have had our not so good times of course but I really love and trust my mother with my life, with my dreams and with my secrets. Once I start writing once I finish it I’ll let friends read it. I hope to get honest but good comments.

Memoir my new genre

Since I was a little girl I wrote poetry from the age of nine or ten years old. I found poetry again in high school and then in college when I declared my Writing major at New Jersey City University. I took a class known as Poetry Workshop with Handal and I really enjoyed the course. There I was writing poems with prompts given in class. I have a Chapbook of ten typewritten poems, each a page long, I created in that class. I am so happy I’m actually successful at writing in another genre. I am writing memoir. My memoir teacher Dr. Giunta said great things about the memoir I wrote in Memoir Workshop last semester. She told me that my essay on the creative process was great! She encouraged me to use my essay as a guide for the 1,500 word essay on the creative process I’ll write at the end of this semester. I am writing a new memoir this semester in Advanced Memoir that has to be anywhere from 4,000-5,000 words. I am writing my memoir about my life when I was 9 or 10-years old and the title of my memoir is “Girl”.

Meet a Memoirist

Instead of having our regular scheduled Memoir Workshop class in the classroom on February 10, 2015 our class, Giunta’s student memoir writers get a chance to meet Margaux Fragoso, a memoirist. We meet in GSUB 317 on campus. I am sure I am going to ask her at least two questions. One about her writing process and the other maybe any tips she has for a novice like me.

I will write a new memoir piece that is to be 4,000-5,000 words this May ’15

I will be writing a new memoir piece about some other aspect of my life (like my life when I was a ten year old girl) that is to be a 4,000-5,000 word polished piece by the end of April ’15. I wrote a 3,000 word memoir piece last semester that I plan to continue writing this summer through December 2015 until I have a book length 1st draft of my narrative, my memoir, Memories of Me.

Edi Giunta’s advice

My memoir professor Edvige Giunta showed me an anthology she did a few years ago that included the work of a woman that had dealt with a serious crack addiction. This woman wrote a memoir that appears in an anthology Edi did about her crack addiction. I want to write about my experience living with Schizophrenia for twenty years. Edi gave me a look at the anthology and how this woman structured her memoir. Edi also told me I should consider writing my memoir in vignettes and in a fragmented way. This idea interests me very much. This is how I will structure my memoir about my life living with Schizophrenia for twenty years. I can write a series of short chapters (I can write a series of vignettes). I can create a fragmentary style that will be my own for my memoir.