My 1st time at Cave Canem

I went to the first meeting of the Fall 2015 poetry workshop at Cave Canem. I love the location. It is so spacious. We sat around a rectangular table. There were ten of us. We read a handout we were given. We did a little bit of writing. Cave Canem reminds me of a taking a Poetry class at the Downtown Trenton campus of Mercer County Community College (my alma mater). I am so happy. I did the short assignment for this week and I’m looking forward to this Thursday’s workshop.

May 2011 to present after graduating from AAMH to Outpatient Services to (group therapy)

I chose to go to AAMH partial care program 5 full days a week for a year and a half. I really came out of my cocoon there. I attended the program from May 2011 to late October 2012. I was client of the month in June 2011. I shared two of my original poems at the Client Awards ceremony in June 2012. I am going to group therapy right now. I went to individual therapy for over a year. Yesterday was my first group therapy session. The group is all women and I liked that. Our next session in September 30, 2015. I will stay in group therapy for as long as I can afford it.

I am going to be a participant in a Cave Canem poetry workshop this Fall 2015

I applied for a spot in a Cave Canem poetry workshop this Fall 2015 and I got it. I am an African American woman Poet! I am looking forward to the first meeting of the poetry workshop on Thursday September 17, 2015 at 6pm. The poetry workshop will meet every Thursday after that until our Final Reading on Thursday November 5, 2015. I’m so happy for myself! I started writing poems in the 4th grade.

Ayesha’s Theme (Self Acceptance)

Self Acceptance

I like myself

I accept myself (it’s good to be me)

I’m not worried if people don’t like me (I never had a lot of friends. The friends I have know I love them)

I can and I do like myself

I believe in my ability as a memoir writer and so does Dr. Edi Giunta.

No one can take my Identity or Sense of Self away from me

No one can take the BA degree in English  I earned away from me

The 100 word group I’m in has not been posting or emailing me for a few weeks

I am in an 100 word memoir group. I post my 100 word pieces on Thursdays. They have not been posting or emailing me or anyone else in our 100 word group for almost two weeks. I hope my 100 word memoir group will start back again very soon. I’m sure it will but I don’t know how soon or when…!