I want a career writing children’s books. I am taking a course at the Institute of Children’s Lit to learn what it takes to write and to publish poems and stories for children.

I am taking a course in Writing for Children and Teenagers this coming January of 2016 with the Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut. I will probably take a year to complete the course but I have up to two years to complete my coursework. I have an idea for a story about a little girl as the main character who has some problem  or illness that she will solve at the end of the book. I have always wanted to write children’s books. I took ENG 222 Children’s Literature at Mercer at the James Kerney campus with Dr. Hazel Cooper and I remember loving the class. I took Children’s and Young Adult Lit with Professors Kelley and Fisch at NJCU too but I never got credit for the course! My goal is to have a manuscript that I can submit to a publisher by next January 2017 and hopefully I will publish my first children’s book by May 2017.  I’m hoping my idea for my children’s book centered around a little girl character will inspire readers both girls and boys. Girls rule! Women rock!

I got in to Cave Canem three times if I get in this Spring of 2016. I got in last Fall ’14 and this Fall ’15. I attended all 8 sessions of the workshop this Fall ’15. I could not attend the workshop last Fall ’14. I applied for a workshop to start in February of 2016 and I hope to get in again…

I applied to Cave Canem for the third time for a poetry workshop. I am going to turn 35 right before the poetry workshop starts in February 2016.  This will be the second Cave Canem poetry workshop I have attended. It has 8 sessions that begin in February and end in April. We will meet every Wednesday starting on February 17, 2016. Our Final Reading is on April 13, 2016. I’m excited and I don’t plan to miss one session. I’m taking the train by myself again like I did this Fall ’15. I’m planning on  inviting my parents to the Final Reading in April. April is National Poetry Month.

I want to write a children’s book with black girl character as the center of the story…

I want to write children’s books. I want to write a children’s book with a black female character as the center of the story. I am going to be taking a course at the Institute of Children’s Literature in Writing for Children and Teenagers. It may take me a year or it may take me two years to complete the course. I’m interested in writing poems for children.

I went to Memoirfest on December 19, 2015 from 4pm-11:30pm

I listened to current Memoir students share from their memoirs. I asked Edi if I could share from my memoir. She told me only current students could share from their memoirs but I was there. I am planning on going to Memoirfest again in May of 2016. Thomas was my ride there and back from Journal Square! The night ended at 11:30pm. I will ask Thomas again to be my ride this coming May ’16 if he’s going to Memoirfest.  May 2016 will be my last time going to Memoirfest. I cannot get a ride to Memoirfest in the future from anybody and I cannot ask my mom.

I am going to share a journal enrty from my Process Journal at Memoirfest on December 19, 2015

I am going to Memoirfest this coming Saturday December 19, 2015. I am bringing mozzarella sticks. I am going to share a journal entry from my Process Journal about the time when I was going through puberty and my great aunt Sybil tried to bleach my dark chocolate skin. I am looking forward to the party, Thomas is picking me up at 3pm at Journal Sqaure. After I turned thirty I learned to accept myself and my dark complexion and my body and all my imperfections.

My memoir A Tale of Three Half Sisters is 4,000 words (word count)

I wrote an almost twenty page memoir in Advanced Memoir. I wrote a fifteen page memoir in Memoir Workshop. Both memoirs are the start of my writing of my Schizophrenia autobiography.  I will call the book I am writing about my life from about age thirteen to my  30s living with Schizophrenia: Memories of Me a memoir. I have almost filled out two process journals too!

Edi Giunta is my favorite professor at NJCU

I took Memoir Workshop and Advanced Memoir with Edi Giunta my last two semesters at NJCU. I am so happy I took Memoir Writing with Edi Giunta. I wrote an almost 20 page memoir in Advanced Memoir. I started a ten page memoir I call Memories of Me in Memoir Workshop. I sort of wrote two memoirs without realizing that was what I was doing. I just wrote! Oh and I could have gotten As in both courses. Edi invited me to Memoirfest on December 19, 2015 at 5:30pm. I have to decide what I will share this year maybe a long Process Journal entry. Memoirfest is always nice. Thomas is my ride but he has to pick me up early because he’s planning the party. I’m bringing mozzarella sticks from Wegmans to the party.