I am so happy I am working at my alma mater as a Mentor.

I am happy to be able to help my Mentees. Some of them are African American and I work at Mercer. I try to be helpful to all of my Mentees. Some of them are Caucasian and others are Hispanic. They are all very nice and I have been able to connect with almost all of them. Sometimes when I meet a new Mentee at the beginning of the semester I introduce myself to them to familiarize myself with their names as well.

I’m reading Lying by Lauren Slater author of Prozac Diary.

I love this memoir so far. I’m on Chapter 4. Lying is a great memoir. I just love the book so far. I have been thinking about my memoir that I’m working on The Schizophrenia Memoirs. I have to talk to Edi Giunta about what the structure of my memoir is going to be at Mega Memoirfest in May. I’m going to try to get a ride from one of the friends who are going to be at the party. I have to check my NJCU email and just be patient. April only has 30 days and it’s already April 15th. The semester seems to be going by so fast. I work tomorrow at Mercer from 10-3.

I remember the things my great aunts used to say to encourage me.

When I was a little girl my grandmother and her sisters my great aunts used to often compliment me and say nice things to encourage me and tell me to focus on God and say my prayers. I found my spirituality through a spiritual awakening where suddenly I saw beauty in nature and I had an experience with the divine or God or Jesus and I just knew and for the first time I was sure. I was not alone in this journey. I had an experience where I had a peace wash over me from my head all the way down to my stomach. I felt like I was just being soothed and calmed. I knew then that there is more than just this life or existence. There is more. There is a God!

Since I was a child my unique name has made me feel like a special girl.

I know now that I’m older that I am special. I feel special. I have had experiences where I have been able to find opportunities to shine. I have done things I’m very proud of. I feel happier. I think about what I’m going to be doing tomorrow and the next day. I know now that there’s really nothing I can’t do if I believe in myself. I have to keep telling myself and reminding myself of that. The things people may say about me that are negative don’t have to negatively affect me. People can be very negative. I just know that my mental health is important to me. If I can give advice to any of the mental health bloggers out there is to try to find injectible medication that control your symptoms you have because of your mental illness.

Selfies on my phone.

I took a few selfies on my phone. I have been working at my alma mater Mercer since January 2016. I was unable to work and go to school with the difficult mental illness I have. It was really hard. I have poems in four poetry anthologies. I got three blogger award nominations. I wrote a memoir but I need to revise it. I have done some things I’m really proud of and I’m still seeing opportunities come my way. I remind myself that I’m okay and I have a good life despite my illness. I even had a poem published on schizophreniapoetry.com on this website.

Brooklyn is a very special place for me.

I visited Brooklyn this past Saturday. I visited my grandmother. I also saw my aunt Kay and her husband Neal. I saw them for the first time in a year or two. It was good to see my aunt Kay. I was able to visit with my grandmother for a bit. I went to the corner Pub to get some healthy juice and I brought some healthy juice back for my aunt Kay and myself. I could only carry two juices in my hands but I enjoyed my juice it consisted of kale, spinach, coconut water, strawberries, and cucumber. I got my aunt some carrot, lemon, apple juice and a shot of ginger on the side. I love that I am getting healthier. I lost quite a bit of weight but I also became semi-vegetarian. I am thinking about going pescetarian again. I had lost 40 lbs on my own and then went back to eating meat. I now realize the key to a healthy diet is eliminating meat from my diet. I am now officially starting my pescetarian diet.

I was at work today.

I have been working at Mercer County Community College for over 3 years. I like my job. I am a Mentor for the DREAM program. I work with young adults with developmental disabilities. I have developed a rapport with my Mentees and they seem to feel comfortable with me and the other mentors. I like my co-workers. I really enjoy working there. I find myself smiling and looking forward to going to work. The semester is going to be over in about a month. Today was a good day.