Have three parts to my book length memoir

I think it may be a great idea to have a memoir that has three parts…Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Memories of Me is my working title for my book length memoir about my life having been diagnosed with Schizophrenia from the age of fourteen to my present age of thirty five (twenty one years of suffering). Part three will be the past five years of my life and how well I’ve felt most days and how well I’ve been doing for the past five years. Part one will be about early onset of Schizophrenia and life from maybe age 13 to age 19 when I stopped seeing Dr. Lavinson in 2000. Part two will be about my 20s living with my mental illness and what my life was like then.

Email from Edi Giunta (thank you)!

I got an email from Edi Giunta yesterday. A student of hers (as I once was) would like to interview me for her essay for her Women in Lit class. She has been looking for memoirs written by women diagnosed with Schizophrenia(that’s me). Edi asked if I was interested and I replied “Really? Oh thank you Edi for contacting me” “yes of course I am interested”. I’m excited! I just got the email from Edi yesterday.

Write and Publish my book length memoir Memories of Me by age 40

I am planning to write my book length memoir, Memories of Me, by the age of 40. I will read The Art of Slow Writing by Louise DeSalvo and The Art of Memoir by Mar Karr. Mary Karr has written like four or five New York Times Best-Selling memoirs. I found out she teaches at Syracuse in their MFA program in Creative Writing. I love Poetry and I love Memoir!

Recommendation from Edi Giunta!

Edi gave me a recommendation for Rutgers-Camden’s MFA in Creative Writing in Poetry program. I took two semesters of Memoir Workshop and Advanced Memoir Workshop with Edi Giunta! I feel like I am a part of the NJCU community for the first time since taking two semesters of Memoir with Edi. Memoirfest is coming up on May 7, 2016. I hope Thomas can give me a ride from Journal Square or from NJCU! If I go this may be my last time going to Memoirfest. Edi and Josh live in Teaneck, NJ and I live in West Windsor Twp, NJ.

Therapy and Writing

I had a one hour therapy session yesterday May 23, 2016. My therapist and I went over my treatment plan and goals. I also took a short survey about how I was feeling. I told my therapist about the difficult visual hallucinations that I’ve had for years and he recorded them in my treatment plan that is to be updated every three months at AAMH. AAMH stands for All Access Mental Health and is an mental health care agency. I am taking WRAP at NAMI right now and we have five more weeks to go of WRAP. We meet every Wednesday from 6pm-8:30pm! I am also studying my Driver Manual so I can take my Written Drivers Test this coming summer. I will be driving for the first time at age 35. We were supposed to write down ten things we liked about ourselves last week. I came up with exactly twelve things I liked about myself and I wrote them down on a sheet of paper. This week we Journaled for like 10 minutes and I enjoyed the Journaling exercise.

Writing myself into history

I wrote my Parents and Teachers as Allies presentation that I made a few changes to and published on http://www.nami.org in February 2016. I published Ayesha’s Story on http://www.nami.org in July 2013 as well. Then I took Memoir with Edvige Giunta my last two semesters at NJCU and I started writing my Schizophrenia autobiography. Oh man it is so awesome! I actually was writing myself into history in Memoir Workshop and Advanced Memoir. I became a memoir writer and found my voice as a writer. Edi recommended I read Jamaica Kincaid and I read Lucy and fell in love with the book. I am going to read Annie John after I finish reading The Woman Warrior. It’s a good book so far! The Woman Warrior is recommended reading in Edi’s Memoir classes.