Last poetry workshop at Cave Canem before the Final Reading on 11/05/2015

Our workshop leader Simone White had childcare issues so she was an hour late to our poetry workshop. I arrived a half an hour early and kind of got settled in by the time everybody started flowing in. I did not get a chance to workshop my poem but I plan on reading it at the November 5th Final Reading in addition to two poems I will write using the Poetry Prompt from Simone. I am so happy I got into this poetry workshop. I really felt at home at Cave Canem! This is such a big deal for me. I feel accomplished and happy for myself.

Tomorrow’s the 3rd meeting of my Cave Canem poetry workshop

Tomorrow is October 1, 2015 the third meeting of my Cave Canem poetry workshop. I have to find out what the rest of the dates we’re meeting on for this Fall 2015 workshop. I also need to know what the exact date and time is of the Final Reading. I need to get to the library more next week, finish Citizen and start Jean Toomer’s Cane.

Cave Canem is a great environment for me to hone my craft as an African American Poet

I arrived 15 minutes early to my Cave Canem poetry workshop. It is located on the 3rd floor in Suite 301-A in a building that looks like a big warehouse with tall ceilings and big rooms. I love the ambience and the environment at Cave Canem. I know the workshop is going to be great after the first session. I feel happy I got in to this workshop this Fall ’15 and to the other workshop I applied to last Fall ’14. There are eight to ten of us in the workshop and that works. We all sit around a huge rectangular table and take turns talking or sharing. We are supposed to be reading poetry books while we’re taking the workshop. I’m reading Claudia Rakine’s Citizen and I also plan to read Jean Toomer’s Cane over these next seven weeks.

My 1st time at Cave Canem

I went to the first meeting of the Fall 2015 poetry workshop at Cave Canem. I love the location. It is so spacious. We sat around a rectangular table. There were ten of us. We read a handout we were given. We did a little bit of writing. Cave Canem reminds me of a taking a Poetry class at the Downtown Trenton campus of Mercer County Community College (my alma mater). I am so happy. I did the short assignment for this week and I’m looking forward to this Thursday’s workshop.

May 2011 to present after graduating from AAMH to Outpatient Services to (group therapy)

I chose to go to AAMH partial care program 5 full days a week for a year and a half. I really came out of my cocoon there. I attended the program from May 2011 to late October 2012. I was client of the month in June 2011. I shared two of my original poems at the Client Awards ceremony in June 2012. I am going to group therapy right now. I went to individual therapy for over a year. Yesterday was my first group therapy session. The group is all women and I liked that. Our next session in September 30, 2015. I will stay in group therapy for as long as I can afford it.