September 15, 2016 NJCU WritersWorkshop: I was there early and stayed until the end.

I attended the workshop and I stayed until the end. Edi snapped two photos of the participants me and four or five others. I am already thinking about Saturday September 24th Alumni Day. Edi is having a memoir writing workshop at 10am this Saturday. My mom said she would drive me up to NJCU. I am really looking forward to seeing Edi again this Saturday at the workshop! I am writing my memoir and I will keep going.

September 15, 2016 next NJCU Writers Workshop meeting from 7pm to 9pm

I hope to have 70-75 pages typed by Labor Day weekend. Now I have about 50 pages typed. I’m hoping to have 120 pages typed by December 2016 if not by June 2017. I am typing parts one and two of Ayesha’s Story (The Schizophrenia Memoirs). Part three is about my 30s so it is the freshest in my mind. I don’t know if Edi will ask us to send our work to her via email. If not I’ll just bring all 70-75 typed pages on September 15, 2016. I am really happy that I am writing my memoir! In another year or two I will have the first draft of a book length memoir.

NJCU Writers Workshop to meet September 15, 2016 on campus.

I am so excited about the second meeting of the NJCU Writers Workshop. I am a part of it! Edi Giunta is such an amazing woman and professor of memoir. I like her a lot. She gave me the first A I ever received  while I was a transfer student at NJCU.  My goal is to have 25,000 words by Labor Day weekend. Oh and I will submit Assignment Two for my writing for children and teenagers course and start on Assignment Three.

1st meeting of NJCU Writers Workshop

Edi said “yes Ayesha” when I sent her an email if I could just pick up where I left off with my Schizophrenia Autobiography I wrote in her two Memoir classes and so I will. My goal is to have 100 typed written pages by Labor Day weekend 2016 around when we have our 2nd meeting of the new NJCU Writers Workshop!  I am writing my memoir. Ayesha’s Story is the title of my book (my book length memoir). It should be 200 pages at least but maybe more. The structure may change but as it is Part One is 100 pages, Part Two is 50 + pages and Part Three is 50 + pages. (Edi said “Ayesha” the structure may change).

This Saturday is my poetry event

This Saturday June 18, 2016 is my poetry event for the 22nd Annual New Jersey Wordsmith competition that I am a winner of. I think my poem My Enemy may have won 2nd place in the wordsmith competition this year. Back in June 2012 I was the star of the 2012 AAMH client awards dinner. I had two poems typed up on poster boards and on easels. I read my poems on the stage or at the podium four years ago this month. I love being a poet!