I was nominated for The Awesome Blogger Award by Stuart L. Tutt. Thanks, Stuart!

  1. What am I reading? I’m currently reading Louisiana Catch by an Indian woman author.
  2. What is my most treasured item? My chocolate brown Coach bag that my step father gave me for a birthday one year in my mid-late 20s.
  3. What is my favorite classic TV show? The King of Queens and The Parkers
  4. What’s my favorite cereal? Chocolate Cheerios
  5. What’s my favorite animal? Cats
  6. What’s your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere in the Caribbean
  7. What’s one of your pet peeves? I always like to get places early.
  8. What’s my favorite genre of music? R&B
  9. Why is it hard to talk about the elephant in the room? It’s hard to talk about the elephant in the room. It’s intimidating.
  10.  The last question is a serious one. If you had to prove the reason for your faith to a non-believer in God, what would you say? All of the things I am now as a 37-year-old who is comfortable in her skin and can’t believe this is herself remembering how self-conscious she was as a child.

I nominate the following blogs

  1. Something to Stu Over
  2. J. Gomez, Journey of Reflections
  3. Reveuse
  4. Naming My Voice
  5. Jo-Creative PTSD Gal, A Creative PTSD Gal
  6. Writing in North Norfolk

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What is your earliest memory?
  2. Do you like cats or dogs?
  3. Who supported you the most growing up?
  4. What was your relationship like with your parents?
  5. What’s your favorite food?
  6. What’s your favorite color?
  7. Do you have any children of your own?
  8. What are your children’s ages?
  9. Are you an only child?
  10. How many siblings do you have?