I feel like women writers have a place to say what other women may be thinking anyway.

Sometimes you don’t realize how many other women share viewpoints you have. I take for granted that I have a voice. I take for granted that I have something to say. I am happy to say what is on my mind. I like having an opinion. Not having something to say usually is also something that happens when I run out of things to say but I always try to talk about something when I’m at a loss for words. I can be quiet sometimes. Other times I have more to say. That’s something friends and family are used to. I’ve kind of always been quiet so that is not going to change. LOL!

The Joys of Oversharing

I like to share and sometimes I overshare. I like sharing. I’m just as nice but sometimes I know I may not feel that way. I do feel good about myself though. I don’t judge other people and I know life is not easy. I have my good days and I have my bad days but I thank God my illness doesn’t have me anymore. I can do things like work and go to school and succeed with both. I need to remind myself that I’m cool too that I’m just as good and just as nice.

It’s okay to be YOURSELF!

When I think about being the last little girl picked for gym or group in elementary school and middle school or my experience in high school and college and what it’s really to be me I always advise other women to remember it’s okay to be YOU. Sometimes when you are the last to get picked you start to feel bad but I feel really good about myself despite that. I learned to love myself and accept myself and I think that’s an accomplishment in itself. I have SZ but I thank God it doesn’t have me.

Thank yous

I’ve been thinking about these two blogger nominations and I’ve been so much happier. I want to thank all of the blogs who are following my blog TheAyeshaSite. I want to thank each and every one of you. This is a very big deal for me to be nominated for not one but two blogger awards. From the bottom of my heart you guys thank you. I’ll never be able to describe how good it feels to be nominated. This makes me feel less alone and finally a part of community of writers. Good luck to all of you!

Look at how far I’ve come TheAyeshaSite is nominated for not one but two blogger awards.

Two blogger award nominations are the nicest surprise I’ve had to date. Blogging is something I am able to do on my own. I realized I have gifts too. I am really great at blogging. I followed the bloggers that followed my blog back. Now four years later I feel like I’m a part of the blogging community because of all of the bloggers that gave me a like or validated my opinions in my blog posts. It made me feel like I’m a part of community of bloggers who are also writers. I couldn’t be happier that Stuart L. Tutt nominated me for not one but two blogger awards.