I am a happy writer.

Most of my life I have suffered from difficult symptoms of a mental illness. My illness is hard for me. Success with my writing endeavors was the one thing I am thankful to say I have had. I got my license older. I started driving at forty. I have not had one accident in almost two years of driving. I enjoy driving. I am 41. I will be 42 years old in January 2023. I am liking my life more. I try to save money for a rainy day. I am attempting to shop less. I used to do a lot of impulsive shopping. In my life I have a few social outlets.

I am so happy I am alive. I like the life I have. I am just as good as any other person. I am age 41. I have gotten to a good place. I don’t blame anyone else for my misfortunes. In life you got to play the hand you’re dealt. The mistakes I make are mine to own up to. I am not a victim. I like who I am. My 30s were okay. So far my 40s are pretty good. I try to live my life and work on myself.

I am optimistic about my future.

I am trying to be more positive. I try not to let negative thoughts get to me. I am always at least reading a book a month for pleasure. I am thinking of joining a book club. I am celebrating my life but it is still rough. I am trying to grow from my experiences. In hard times I now say God you are so much bigger than all of my problems. The Lord made himself real to me one day. I had a Muslim father that died when I was a child. My mom believes in God. I pray and believe in God. God helped me to remain resilient. I had a supernatural peace wash over me one day on a day I felt sad and anxious and the peace that washed over me healed me. I always loved and appreciated the Lord for healing me. No one could care as much as God.

I like being able to say my blog was nominated for four blogger awards. I appreciate my supporters enough to support them in return. I try to think of how difficult experiences I have had in my life that were hard for me. I purposely focus on the positive aspects of my own situation and this is because I know there is power in positive thinking.

I started liking myself more as I got older. I could tell a difference in the way I felt about myself in my early 30s.

As a little girl, I was often bullied and teased a lot about having dark skin. I was always told I was “too black” or “too dark skin”. I remember being chosen last for a partner in gym class, and a lab partner for science class in high school. I feel good about myself in my early 40s but as a child, I was teased about my skin color mercilessly, and it was stressful for me as a child. I chose how I see myself as an adult. As a child, I was verbally abused a lot. I really like myself. I would not want to be like anyone else. I am really comfortable in my own skin. I like myself a lot. My illness didn’t take my positive self-image away. I try not to be too hard on myself. I was able to get to a good place. I made peace with my illness. I made peace with my past. I see myself as worthy of good things. However, I try not to get carried away with my spending. I am budgeting for my first used SUV. I am doing well. I slept well last night. My sleep is better. God healed me in my early 30s. I know God has good things in store for me.

I feel fabulous at forty-one.

As someone who had an early onset of mental illness, I remember my mental health unraveling during my sophomore year in high school. I thank God I had supportive parents and other people who offered me support. Though I am much older I am seeking more independence for myself. I want to get a used SUV by the end of this year. I want to start to budget more and spend less money. I have a good relationship with my parents. I live with my family. I try to reach out to relatives a few times a month. It was nice when someone suggested sending friend requests to family and people I socialize with in other social settings on Facebook. I am going on a driving lesson this Friday at 2:30 pm. I want my life. I have confidence in myself. I can do things!

I am motivated to spend my time at least doing volunteer work and working toward my goals.

I try to not have a lot of idle time on my hands. There is an expression that goes…Idleness is the devil’s playground. I try to not let too many impure thoughts get the best of me. I took the praxis core reading exam today this is my third attempt. I am praying I pass the exam. However, I will wait the specified amount of time three weeks before I go on ETS webpage. I will try to read a book and get halfway through the book in two or three weeks. I recently read a book by Pastor Joel Osteen’s newest book. You Are Stronger Than You Think. I get a lot of support from my mom, family, and friends. I try to help my mom do laundry and sometimes I cook. I try to let my mom know that she is appreciated. There was this song called Dear Mama that Tupac Shakur wrote that I liked because Tupac wrote a song for his mother Afeni Shakur. I think of how much my mom does for me that I try to show her appreciation and not demand she does more for me. I appreciate all of the kind things she did and she has always been supportive of me. Now that my parents are getting older I try to volunteer to do laundry and occasionally I cook for us.

I am a licensed NJ driver.

The key to independence for me is my driver’s license and a nice used car to get around with as my first car. I have been looking at cars and other vehicles online. I am driving my mom’s Honda CR-V once a week. The other day I drive is on Fridays. I pay a driving school to take me out and let me practice driving. I am a good driver. I make a few mistakes but I want to improve my driving a little bit more. I have had my probationary license for a little under two months. I feel like the key to my independence is a nice used car and my upgrade to a basic NJ four-year driver’s (auto) license. I can upgrade after practicing on my own for at least a twelve-month period. Next April I can upgrade to a basic four-year NJ driver’s (auto) license. I hope by the end of the summer I can get a little used Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry as my first car. I am age 41. Being in my 40s feels good. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Now Forever can begin.

I have had some tough days but I see the Hope on the horizon. I believe in God. I genuinely feel good about who I am. I try not to get too involved in anyone else’s business. I remember the timid bullied self-conscious child I was who never had a lot of friends and looked forward to seeing the few friends I had at school or in my neighborhood. I like me! For most of my life, I had mental health problems. I could barely keep my eyes open because I was drowsy and felt drugged up on the medications I was being prescribed. Now I have a license. I thank God I was able to make this big step when I did. I may be getting my first vehicle at the end of this month. I am excited. My mom said she will get me help to get a used vehicle for my personal use. I like the used Kia Sportage.

I have started to try to face my fear of driving.

People make excuses for everything. I am going to take life by the horns. I am not going to let anyone intimidate me. I am a good driver. I am a new driver but I drive well. I’m going to get a little help from my mom once a week with driving. My mom supports me by taking me out to practice driving her Honda CR-V. I like Honda. I will be driving twice a week. Some days I will just relax and read in my room. I am reading a new book by Pastor Joel Osteen. I am about a hundred pages into his new book. I like positive ministers. I believe in God. I always have. My faith is what grounds me and carries me through the difficulties I have in my life. I have my mom. my family and my friends. I am forcing myself not to withdraw from life. I try to push myself to socialize more. I got my license. I need a car. My mom said in June I can get a car. I am looking at used cars online. I hope to get a used car by Labor Day weekend. Then I’ll go back to school.