I am not angry and not easily angered

People that don’t know me assume I’m angry but I’m not. A few Just Friends members got a copy of my chapbook in 2016 after it came out. A few family members and a few more friends got a copies of my chapbook in 2017. I couldn’t be happier. Neil my step dad told me he really enjoyed the poems in my chapbook. When he told me that he was driving me home from work and on his car radio was NPR. They just so happened to be giving the backstory to how the poem America the Beautiful was written on NPR. My favorite poem/song is the Star Spangled Banner but I like America the Beautiful too! I am thinking about August. Soon it will be announced when I have orientation at my Mercer job. I’m looking forward to the Holidays this year. I’ll have a memoir (almost a book). I have a second chapbook manuscript that I will submit to publishers after next January 2018. I will submit to like ten chapbook contests in the Winter.

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I am a Black Guyanese woman. I'm thirty nine years old. I went back to college to take Early Childhood Education classes. I want to get a second 48-credit BA degree in Early Childhood Education by 2021. I go to NJCU. I have a BA in Creative Writing from NJCU. I graduated from NJCU in August 2015. I transferred to NJCU from Mercer. I have my AA degree from Mercer in Humanities and Social Science since May 2007. I write poems, I write memoirs, I'm a blogger and I am taking a children's lit course. I love reading memoirs. I also do book reviews from time to time. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. I grew up in Ewing, New Jersey. I live in Princeton Junction with my parents!

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