My mood is low whenever it’s a rainy day.

I had the worst relapse and I was hospitalized for almost two weeks. I just got out of the hospital on Thursday of last week. My mom and my stepfather Neil visited me but I was having symptoms but they both came to pick me up when I was discharged from Capitol Health in Trenton a short term care facility. I went before a judge and everything just before I got the news I was able to go home last Thursday. I’m at home in my room. I go to Hampton partial care program now too. I went today and I go tomorrow and Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Monday was Memorial day so we had that day off.

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I am a Black Guyanese woman. I'm thirty nine years old. I went back to college to take Early Childhood Education classes. I want to get a second 48-credit BA degree in Early Childhood Education by 2021. I go to NJCU. I have a BA in Creative Writing from NJCU. I graduated from NJCU in August 2015. I transferred to NJCU from Mercer. I have my AA degree from Mercer in Humanities and Social Science since May 2007. I write poems, I write memoirs, I'm a blogger and I am taking a children's lit course. I love reading memoirs. I also do book reviews from time to time. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. I grew up in Ewing, New Jersey. I live in Princeton Junction with my parents!

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