I had a spiritual awakening one day and I realized God wasn’t distant he was right here with me.

Sometimes trials are what make you stronger as a person. It’s not so much what you go through it’s how you were able to overcome difficult experiences and trials in your life. I know my ability to be resilient has to be the most important aspect for me. I couldn’t see giving up on myself. I am actually happy in the mornings when I wake up. I don’t want to die I want to live and enjoy my life. I encourage friends and people who suffer from similar mental health concerns that you can rebuild your life. You can set short term goals and long term goals. I recommend NAMI to people too. NAMI is a wonderful organization with programs for adults living with a serious mental illness. I know that God and spirituality are the things I turn to instead of needing to get revenge. I felt stressed out and tense all of time until I found a creative outlet in the form of poetry and writing in my journal. I am a happy writer. I want to be able to just take things one step at a time. I recommend people who feel overwhelmed a lot of times to make a to-do list and check the things off you do one thing at a time. You need to make a list of things you need to do. Make a list and put it on paper. You may find that by making a list it’s easier to list the things you have to do and get done one at a time. I hope this helps someone else. I am trying to get my first vehicle and driving lessons too. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t take care of yourself and think about your friends and family too.

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I am a Black Guyanese woman. I'm thirty nine years old. I went back to college to take Early Childhood Education classes. I want to get a second 48-credit BA degree in Early Childhood Education by 2021. I go to NJCU. I have a BA in Creative Writing from NJCU. I graduated from NJCU in August 2015. I transferred to NJCU from Mercer. I have my AA degree from Mercer in Humanities and Social Science since May 2007. I write poems, I write memoirs, I'm a blogger and I am taking a children's lit course. I love reading memoirs. I also do book reviews from time to time. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. I grew up in Ewing, New Jersey. I live in Princeton Junction with my parents!

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