My thoughts on “Lucy” by Jamacia Kincaid

I finished reading “Lucy” by Jamacia Kincaid today. I found out that this is her pen name in a Youtube video. I loved the book. I knew of this book for some time but I had never read it. Other books by other African Caribbean authors were less compelling than Jamacia Kincaid’s partly autobiographical “Lucy”. I am writing my memoir Memories of Me about my life from about the age of thirteen or fourteen up to the present. I’m turning 34 next week. My memoir tells my story and of course the story of my life. Lucy is partly about Kincaid’s life. Kincaid was a nanny and did other jobs before establishing herself as an African Caribbean writer. I really admire her. I thought to myself this could be my grandmother’s prose even my mother’s (prose). I have probably read Caribbean authors unknowingly but this is the first time I have done so knowingly. I was impressed with Jamacia Kincaid’s writing style. When I go back to writing Memories of Me my memoir I will have “Lucy” nearby when I write parts of my memoir that are difficult to tell but necessary to telling my story. Kincaid tells her story the good the bad and the difficult in precise prose. I want to do the same. I also plan to have five chapters to my memoir just like “Lucy” has five chapters in the book.

Jamacia Kincaid’s writing style

I am reading Lucy by Jamacia Kincaid. I really am enjoying the book so far. I’m half way through the book. I really like Jamacia Kincaid’s writing style it is really good. Her style is her own and she uses humor in a way that really works. I found myself laughing through a lot of it because she tells the story in a particular way that informs and engages you. My memoir teacher Edvige Giunta recommended I read Lucy and Annie John. I really like Lucy and would consider structuring my memoir the way Jamacia Kincaid structured Lucy with five chapters each chapter with a specific name. Like my first chapter would be called Old Brooklyn and so on…

Memoir called “Girl” to be penned this Spring(in a college workshop)

I got an email from my memoir professor. She told me that for Advanced Memoir Writing Workshop I cannot simply continue working on and writing my memoir piece I wrote last semester in workshop. I’ll always have my first memoir. It is 3,000 words.  This coming semester I will use a 900 word memoir piece I wrote earlier on last semester called “Girl” it is about my life when I was 10 years old. I am looking forward to my last semester of college and writing my second memoir piece.

Writing my Memoir

I was at Memoirfest. I am so happy that I went. I shared the first two pages of my memoir Memories of Me. I got so much positive feedback and even some nice comments from other students and alum. I was not expecting that to happen. I never would have gotten all of these positive comments, questions, and feedback if I had not gone to Memoirfest and been shy that night on December 12, 2014. It was a great night for me. I really enjoyed the work of all the other memoir students and alum. I am going to be taking Advanced Memoir Writing in the Spring and I am looking forward to writing a longer more polished piece but I am also looking forward to the writing process, writing in my Process Journal, reading specific chapters in Living to Tell the Tale and Writing as a Way of Healing(myself).