Jamacia Kincaid’s writing style

I am reading Lucy by Jamacia Kincaid. I really am enjoying the book so far. I’m half way through the book. I really like Jamacia Kincaid’s writing style it is really good. Her style is her own and she uses humor in a way that really works. I found myself laughing through a lot of it because she tells the story in a particular way that informs and engages you. My memoir teacher Edvige Giunta recommended I read Lucy and Annie John. I really like Lucy and would consider structuring my memoir the way Jamacia Kincaid structured Lucy with five chapters each chapter with a specific name. Like my first chapter would be called Old Brooklyn and so on…

Memoir called “Girl” to be penned this Spring(in a college workshop)

I got an email from my memoir professor. She told me that for Advanced Memoir Writing Workshop I cannot simply continue working on and writing my memoir piece I wrote last semester in workshop. I’ll always have my first memoir. It is 3,000 words.  This coming semester I will use a 900 word memoir piece I wrote earlier on last semester called “Girl” it is about my life when I was 10 years old. I am looking forward to my last semester of college and writing my second memoir piece.

Writing my Memoir

I was at Memoirfest. I am so happy that I went. I shared the first two pages of my memoir Memories of Me. I got so much positive feedback and even some nice comments from other students and alum. I was not expecting that to happen. I never would have gotten all of these positive comments, questions, and feedback if I had not gone to Memoirfest and been shy that night on December 12, 2014. It was a great night for me. I really enjoyed the work of all the other memoir students and alum. I am going to be taking Advanced Memoir Writing in the Spring and I am looking forward to writing a longer more polished piece but I am also looking forward to the writing process, writing in my Process Journal, reading specific chapters in Living to Tell the Tale and Writing as a Way of Healing(myself).