I’m trying to force myself to be more grateful.

I am blessed. I have God’s presence in my life. God healed me. He cared enough about me to heal me. I believe in God. I cling to my faith in God. No matter what comes my way I am going to stand my ground. I have found certain things in my life still kind of hard living with my mental illness. I am supportive of my peers. Mental illness can’t be seen you don’t know a person that has a difficult mental illness is suffering from a hard illness because you can’t see the illness, but the illness is just as real as diabetes or cancer. For the peers I have that suffer from a mental illness some of them can’t find a job they like that doesn’t judge their abilities to work and support themselves. I thank God I have my parents, but I am seeking more independence for myself, and I’m trying to get a provisional license upgrade in December. Driving will give me more independence. I can drive on my own with my provisional license.

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I am a Black Guyanese woman. I'm thirty nine years old. I went back to college to take Early Childhood Education classes. I want to get a second 48-credit BA degree in Early Childhood Education by 2021. I go to NJCU. I have a BA in Creative Writing from NJCU. I graduated from NJCU in August 2015. I transferred to NJCU from Mercer. I have my AA degree from Mercer in Humanities and Social Science since May 2007. I write poems, I write memoirs, I'm a blogger and I am taking a children's lit course. I love reading memoirs. I also do book reviews from time to time. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. I grew up in Ewing, New Jersey. I live in Princeton Junction with my parents!

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